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About Us, Our Ideas, Our Vision

We are In business to help YOUR Business!

Omega Bank Card Services is a complete merchant service provider.  We offer businesses a honest, straight forward approach to accepting electronic payments, while providing products and services that allow businesses to grow.

Merchants have many options when it comes to choosing a merchant service company. Our approach is on building long term relationships with our merchants and offering much more than just processing credit and debit cards. We offer a variety of solutions that add value to businesses and help increase sales and ROI.

Omega does not use high pressure sales tactics that push products that do not add value to your business.  Each sales representative is highly trained and has the highest level of ethics in the industry.  A personal representative is available  for each merchant to answer questions and help with issues, along with a 24/7 support line.

Each business is unique and we make every effort to assure our merchants are receiving the best pricing and solutions for their business. Our reputation and success is only as good as our merchant’s success. We want to put each of our merchant in the best possible position to be successful with their business!

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