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The CloverTM  POS Family

 Isn’t it time you gave your business and yourself an advantage? Now you can, with the Clover family of products.


The CloverTM family of products replaces your cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer, and bar-code scanner with an integrated suite of products that allows you to sync to existing accounting software such as Quickbooks.  Clover brings state-of-the-art point of sale device options for every kind of business and end-to-end security for every transaction.  With access to the largest business App Market, Clover offers powerful apps designed to help you attract and retain the most important part of your business — your customers!


 Which Clover is Right for you?

CloverTM Station – From the fluid motion of the credit card swipe to the new EMV secure chip payments, the Clover Station is built to perform as good as it looks.

The Clover Station arrives pre-loaded with everything you need to accept payments and run your business more efficiently. Its cloud-based software enables you to manage your inventory, track revenues, and generate reports—empowering you to see inside your operations and work smarter.


Clover Station Sales Sheet



The CloverTM Mobile is built for businesses going places by putting the power of clover in the palm of your hand.  You get all the business-building features that Clover is known for, plus mobility.

Give your customers the ultimate in payment flexibility. With two layers of security, you can accept any kind of payment, including cash, credit or debit, NFC payments such as Apple Pay™ all while syncing with your other Clover devices.


Clover’s Mobile Sales Sheet

The CloverTM Mini is much more than just a credit card reader. You get all the business-building features that Clover is known for, the ability to add optional applications to customize your system, and cloud-based data storage.

The Clover Mini comes with the TransArmorTM solution – a dual layer of security that protects you and your customers, while EMV® technology makes it virtually impossible to use counterfeit or fraudulent cards.


Clover’s Mini Sales Sheet



Wouldn’t it be nice to have a POS that actually helps grow your business??

……Clover Does!!!